Child (Camper)

We have been hosting camp since 2000.  Do you know a burn survivor child that would like to go to camp? Eligible child burn survivors are between the ages of 6-17. Child must have suffered significant burn trauma to be seen in the hospital setting. Child must be one-year post burn with minimal bandaging (pressure garments allowed) to allow for unhindered participation in various water, rope climbing, canoeing, outdoor exercises and activities that he/she may take part in. Child will be assigned a like-gender Adult Burn Buddy. The Burn Buddy will be in attendance with the child at all times throughout the course of camp. Child and Burn Buddy will share cabin accommodations with several other Child/Buddy teams. Children’s Burn Foundation of Florida is the only burn camp in Florida to offer one-on-one adult supervision to their children. All eligible child burn survivors from across Florida are welcome at this camp, regardless of whether they attend other burn camps in Florida. Many of “our” children attend local, statewide and/or national burn camps.

Applications will open on August 1, 2019 due to changing over to the Camp Minder system which is the same system the Elk's use. We are sorry for any inconvenience but we will need to wait until the Elk's have completed their camps until they can open up the application process for Camp Tequesta.

pdf What to Bring to camp (Child) (103 KB)