Interested in becoming a Burn Camp Volunteer? Click the links below to view the application. Please check at the top of the application which position you are applying for.

Volunteer: Reports to Volunteer Coordinator for assignments. Assists with camp set-up and tear-down, meal delivery and/or clean up, child challenges/camp activities, and general assignments. Arrive Wednesday afternoon, depart Sunday by noon.

Burn Buddy: Reports to Regional Coordinator for assignments. Burn Buddy is paired with like-gender burn survivor child from their region for the duration of camp. Arrives with, stays with and participates with assigned child during his/her activities throughout camp. Face to face meeting with child/parents highly recommended before start of camp. Arrive at camp on Thursday with child, depart on Sunday by noon.

VOLUNTEER APPLICATION NOTE: Completion of application does NOT guarantee participation at camp. All applicants will be screened, interviewed and chosen in advance of camp, prior to camp starting. Chosen applicants will be contacted by a Regional Coordinator in their area to begin the screening process. All burn buddies are recommended by a person from Camp Tequesta or the Children's Burn Foundation of Florida, Inc. For those who do not know anyone from Camp Tequesta or the Children's Burn Foundation of Florida, Inc., it is required that a "new unknown" person be a volunteer for their first year at Camp Tequesta. Thereafter, it will be determined whether the staff volunteer is burn buddy material for the following year. Please see “About Us” for more information.

Applications will open on August 1, 2019 due to changing over to the Camp Minder system which is the same system the Elk's use. We are sorry for any inconvenience but we will need to wait until the Elk's have completed their camps until they can open up the application process for Camp Tequesta.

What to bring to camp (Adults)